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Connect. Heal. Thrive.

Join A Community Built On Freedom of Expression, Compassion,  and Enlightenment.

Wattle Tree Place will help you dig deep and become your best self.

Growing into your best self is not strictly a solo journey. Sharing your experiences, receiving guidance from others, and giving guidance, can be a powerful tool to propel you forward.


Wattle Tree Place is a space where people from all walks of life can come, share, and grow together.

We're here to mentor and support those brave enough to work on themselves. Through rituals, meditations, spells, celebrations, and more.

The ideal space in Vancouver to practice spiritual wellness.

When you yearn for the beauty of nature here in Vancouver, WA, Wattle Tree Place is the

perfect space for the whole family to connect with each other and Mother Earth. 

Together we celebrate Mother Nature, and we offer our gratitude with dance, song, spiritual expression, and togetherness.


What is a Wattle Tree?




The Wattle Tree is Australia's national flower. It has little bright yellow flowers, and its bark is used for healing by the Aboriginals.

As Aussies ourselves, we wanted to bring something incredibly meaningful to us and share it with our community here in Vancouver, WA.


... not to mention, because we're never short on some authentic Australian Hospitality, it's only natural that Wattle Tree Place reflects that! 


Yoga at Home

If you're carrying a burden from the past that's holding you back from becoming your happiest self,


Wattle Tree Place is a safe and supportive space where you can come to heal, grow, and learn to let go of what no longer serves you. 


A Tower of Stones

Be present in the moment, appreciate all that the world offers and all that you offer the world.

Wattle Tree Place provides the freedom, guidance and environment to learn or practice mindfulness with your family, friends- or just yourself.


Women Holding Hands

Self-growth and enlightenment does not have to be solitary.  Support and love are important, too.

Wattle Tree Place was founded on the goal to be a place of community. Where people from all walks of life can gather as one.

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Welcome! So happy to have you with us!

"Wattle Tree is a light in the community. A home to recharge and refresh. It is a space to recreate that connection within ourselves and with one another. When I’m there, I never want to leave."

-Barbie Bechtel Curtis

"...I love coming to a place that has amazing and awesome energy! The drum circles that are held here are amazing and full of fun. Always a fun and positive experience."

-Candace Wheeler

"I had a reading and Reki session with Sophie several months ago. I immediately felt my energy shift She also gave me a meditation to do daily. I did l, and the positive energy shift has continued..."

-Candace Wheeler

"... I feel so uplifted and joyful. Anna and I bonded making a fire and I did a fire spell which was very empowering whilst drinking some of their wonderful tea..."

-Billie Rose

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