Our Story 

Wattle Tree Place started as a vision to create a family friendly cafe with holistic healing rooms in an original Vancouver house.

We transformed a backyard into a magical play area and WTP became a place the whole family could spend the day and connect with each other and nature.

One year after opening, the WTP house was sold to a developer and we were given 12 weeks to find a new location and move a thriving community space before they knocked it down. 

During our journey to find the next location and discover what the next incarnation of WTP would be, we found a beautiful piece of land on the Colombia River to start our nonprofit community garden (stay turned for more info on that exciting project!) and 

most importantly, we found a beautiful house on Broadway st to move into. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to recreate our original WTP vision quickly in this new home so we went on a quest to find out exactly what we needed to become after our move. 

We’ve tried a few different set ups since we have moved, we lost our cafe and grieved not being the house people dropped in to grab a bite to eat and a cup of coffee.

We were no longer able to nourish people through food but the universe has opened up so many other possibilities since.

Loosing what we originally created has opened us up to being able to provide a space in Vancouver where people are able to come and connect with their higher selves, the universe and community.

Our mission now is to turn Vancouver into a Wellness Destination. If you are searching for a place to receive healing and return to your life with confidence and joy for the path you are on, Vancouver is the place for you. 

WTP offers tools to help you on your path. We are here for people to explore their own spiritual journey.

We hold space for you, we help you create tools and we facilitate rituals designed to help you release, manifest and use your intuition to connect with your Higher Self!  

- Anna & Sophie






What is a Wattle Tree?

The Wattle Tree is Australia's national flower. It has little bright yellow flowers and the bark is used for healing by the Aboriginals, as Aussies ourselves, we wanted to bring something incredibly meaningful to us and to all who enter our space.

Along with some authentic Australian Hospitality ! 

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Monday ~Friday 

10am ~ 4pm




1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA 98663 

Phone: (360) 389-3116

Email: wattletreeplace@gmail.com 

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