What Is Wattle Tree Place?


Our Story


Wattle Tree Place Started As A Vision

We came upon a beautiful old Victorian house in Vancouver, Washington that was built during the time that President Lincoln was in office.


The moment we laid our eyes on it, our imaginations started churning. We wanted to create a family-friendly cafe with holistic healing rooms where people could come together and be at peace with their friends and family.

Our Vision Became A Mission

Our imaginings turned to drive, and so two sisters from Australia transformed what was once an overgrown backyard, into a magical space of imagination and play.  Wattle Tree Place became a recreational space where the whole family could spend the day. All while having the freedom and opportunity to connect meaningfully with each other, and with mother nature.

When One Door Closes, A New One Opens 

One year after opening, the old victorian that had become  Wattle Tree Place was sold to a developer, and we were given only 12 weeks to find a new location where we could continue to support and uphold the thriving community space we had created before they knocked it all down around us. 

During our journey to find the new homestead for Wattle Tree Place, we discovered what the next incarnation of WTP would be. It came in the shape of a beautiful piece of land on the Colombia River, where we knew we could establish our nonprofit community garden (which now has beautiful little tomatoes growing!).


Most importantly of all, we had found a beautiful house on Broadway St. , the Stanger House, that could be reincarnated as the wonderful, more focused, Wattle Place Tree. 

Seeds Have Been Planted, But Oaks Need Time To Grow

While our intentions and passions have reached their zenith, all good things take time. This is especially true for a place of wellness and attunement like Wattle Tree Place.

We wanted things to be and feel as they should- that the cosmos and nature were aligned- and so we took the time we needed to understand exactly what we wanted to be for our community before making the big move.

We've definitely undergone several evolutions since planting our Wattle Tree Place on Broadway St. This included the loss of our precious cafe; and we grieved that we were no longer a place where folks congregated for coffee and a healthy, delicious bite to eat.

Even though Wattle Tree Place was no longer a space used to nourish its community with food, the universe seemed to grin as it showed us the many new possibilities it held in store for Wattle Tree Place since then.

Reinvented. Invigorated. Purposeful.

The loss of what we had originally created in that old Victorian house, opened up realms of potential here on Broadway. Now we help others learn to connect with their highest selves, the universe, and their Vancouver community.

Wattle Tree Place has found its true purpose, and we are here to transform Vancouver into a premier wellness destination. 

Nothing Happens By Accident

It looks like the universe has brought you here, which is very VERY cool.

(Don't ignore the universe, it's been around a pretty lo-o-ong time, so it kind of knows what it's doing.)

And since you're here, it most likely means that you are aware that there is more to life, and to what you have to give to the world and yourself.


If you're ready to join a community where you will receive healing, confidence, peace, and joy that you can carry with you in all aspects of your life, the Wattle Tree Place in Vancouver is exactly where you're meant to be.

Wattle Tree Place is here for you and will provide the spiritual tools you need to help you along your unique adventure in this beautiful world.


We are here as a safe and loving place for people, from all walks of life, to explore the paths before them on their spiritual journeys.

This is YOUR Wattle Tree Place

... and we are here with the tools to guide you. We are here to facilitate rituals designed to help you release, manifest, and use your intuitions- ultimately empowering you to connect with your highest self!

No matter who you are, where you come from, or where you will go. Wattle Tree Place is YOUR place, and we look forward to creating new and special memories with you.

- Anna & Sophie


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