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Are you looking for a connection to your higher self, searching for a tool to help you feel the universal light of healing energy ?

Reiki is a Japanese Healing Energy. Usui reiki has been practiced since the early 20th century.

People who feel called to receive Reiki are said to have used the energy in past lives as healers!

WTP is offering Attunments for the healers looking for their connection to the universe and the elements.

You will be guided through releasing any fears or trauma that may be holding you back from being the healer you are.

Each participant will go on a inner quest to find what it is that makes them special and unique, as they continue along their path. They will experience what the spirit of each element means to them and how to work with each one.

Join us for an empowering weekend of finding what feeds your soul and how to use it, to better this world!

Each participant leaving with a Reiki 1 & 2 certificate and an invitation to a monthly Reiki circle to join.

Located at


 Wattle Tree Event spaces 


2 day workshop cost $750

if you pay in full.

Reiki is a great way to find your connection with source !


$800 in 4 payments of $200 

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