Reiki Attunement 

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The world can take its toll. There are days when our spiritual health is the last priority we can focus on. However, just as we must be kind to our bodies, and just as our bodies need time to heal and be given the love and care it deserves...

So too, do our spirits.

If you have been looking for a way to connect intimately with your higher self and learn tools and practices that will help you channel the universal light of healing...

Reiki Attunement is precisely what you need and your spiritual wellness deserves.

What Is Reiki?

The art of healing with Reiki began in Japan and has been in practice since the early 20th century. It is the practice of healing through the power of physical contact between the healer and the person seeking healing.

Through contact, a Reiki practitioner is able to ignite the natural healing processes of the body, rebuilding physical and emotional wellness. Reiki healers channel energy through themselves and into the areas of a participant that require the healing energy.

It is believed that those called to experience, and benefit from, the healing powers of Reiki are souls who have used its powerful energy as healers, themselves, in past lives. 


Experience Reiki In Vancouver WA

Wattle Tree Place is offering Attunements for the anyone looking for their connection to the universe and the elements.

You will be guided through releasing any fears or trauma that may be holding you back from being reaching your highest self and happiness.

Each participant will go on an inner quest to find what it is that makes them special and unique, as they continue along their path. They will experience what the spirit of each element means to them and how to work with each one.

Join us for an empowering weekend of finding what feeds your soul, and how you can use it, to better this world!

Pricing & Packages

Reiki is a great way to find your connection with the source !

2 Day Reiki Workshop

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Payment Plan: 4 Easy Installments of $200