Wattle Tree Place

Custom Rituals 

Do you need a tool to help you on your path? 

We offer a space to create your own tools,

by using your intuition! 

$55 for a one on one session 

$35 per person for a group of 2 or more

Available by appointment only. 

Session Times Available 

Mon, Tues, Wed 10am~2pm 

Wed~Thurs 6pm~9pm 


One on One 

$35 each

 for groups of 2 or more 



Rituals and Offerings

~Intentional Candle~


~Potions ~

~Black Salt ~


~Intuitive Readings ~


~Guided Meditation~ 


Intentional Candle

Monthly Offerings 

Manifesting &Protection


Every month WTP offers  these rituals to help those looking for guidence.

Each person receive's

~Guided Meditation ~

~ Reiki Healing ~

~ Card Reading ~

~Prepared Ritual ~ 

All held in sacred circle and  guided by spirit! 


Group Ritual  

60-90 min  


All Materials Included 

New  &Full

Moon Rituals 

Circles held on   

Moon Propper  

Each month we facilitate a ritual to help you do your work around the astrology of each Moon cycle.

New Moon Dates 

Jun 1st 

Jun 29th 

Aug 3rd 

Aug 31st

Sep 28th 

Oct 26th 

Nov 23rd 

Dec 28th 

New Moon


Fire Rythms

Drum Circles.




Join us on the Saturday closest to the New and Full moon to come together as a community and honor the energies of the

Moon as we

Open Circle,



Gather around the Fire

Full Moon Dates 

Jun 15th 

Jul 13th 

Aug 17th 

Sep 14th 

Oct 12th 

Nov 9th 

Dec 14th 

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Wattle Tree Place

Community of 

Holistic and Wellness Practitioner

Stay Tuned for our

new practitioner bio's and meet the practitioner dates !

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Contact Info

1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA 98663 

Phone: (360) 828 - 5010

Email: wattletreeplace@gmail.com 

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