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Sessions are available for booking at Wattle Tree Place Sundays
10 am-4 pm
Please visit or call 503-857-8522 to schedule your session!
Soul Code Aura Readings
30 mins $55/ 60 mins $88
Akashic Record Readings
80 mins $135
Sound Healing & Energy Centering
30 mins $55/ 60 Mins $88
Throat Chakra & Light Language Activations
60 mins $111

Soulful Resonance:

Vibrational Therapy with Treneti Brown

Treneti Brown is an energy alchemist, musician and psychic whose focus is the healing arts of vibrational therapy. Treneti has shared somatic meditation, sound healing, movement therapy and Akashic records awakenings with Beings all over North and Central America, known best for the potency of healing containers she creates for inner work processing and embodiment through movement, Treneti continues to grace the world with orcular transmissions of universal truth through the music she creates.


Treneti is a messenger and rainbow bridge for the realms of the unknown. She playfully and lovingly invites us all to explore our unknown territories and harvest the gifts that dwell there. She believes that the solutions to all the imbalances on the planet live in the inactive DNA codes in Gaia’s human children, through her healing arts she holds space for Souls to activate, awaken to their purpose and feel inspired and nourish to walk a their unique path in confident and authentic truth.

Soul Code Aura Readings:

In a Soul Code Aura Reading, Treneti uses the power of clairvoyance and clairaudience to peer into your energy field and pull for a Light Language Symbol unique to your soul and an accompanying message. She then takes that symbol and creates a copper talisman for you to keep to integrate in your personal practice

Akashic Record Readings :

In an Akashic Record Reading with Treneti you will be guided through a process that awakens your ability to see and read your own Akashic Records. She takes you into a meditative state that allows you to see and hear first hand the information from your Soul files that are ready for review.


Sound healing and energy centering:

In a sound healing & energy centering session with Treneti, you will receive a channeling of healing tones, mantras, and affirmations unique to your energetic needs. In energy work Treneti focuses on chakra alignment, brain wave polarity balancing, grounding,clearing, sealing and revitalizing your energy field.


Throat Chakra & Light Language Activations:

Our voice is the key to bridging the realms of our spirit with the physical world. In a these session Treneti uses the power of light language and sacred tonal expression in combination with somatic based inner work processing to help you unravel blockages in the throat and unlock your ability to express fully and communicate seamlessly with your higher aspects.