Small Moment Sessions


Mini Sessions 

Even a short time devoted to your spiritual wellness is time well spent. Wattle Tree Place offers mini sessions for several of our practices so that you can be your best self, no matter how much or how little time you need.

Enjoy a 15-minute session for just $20

However, since Wattle Tree Place hosts multiple teachers and healers, session availability is dependant upon who is currently at the shop.

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Reiki | Mini Session

Enjoy the healing benefits of Reiki even when you're short on time. Originally developed by the Japanese, Reiki is a powerful healing ritual conducted by trained healers here at Wattle Tree Place.

Massage - Mini Session

Assure that your energy flows properly through a short massage session. While spiritual wellness often starts from the inside-out, your physical wellness can play a huge part in your success and peace.


Wattle Tree Place offers mini massage sessions to help you feel energized for whatever the day has to bring- or help you release the tensions, (and all the negative energy that does not serve you) when the stresses of the day have come to an end.

Intuitive Reading - Mini Session

Experience Intuitive Reading with Wattle Tree Place. Glean great insight into your unique energy signature, and learn how to better harness your energy for positivity.

A mini Intuitive Reading session is perfect for when you're looking to stay in touch with what's going on with YOU no matter what schedule works best for you.

Sound Bath - Mini Session

What is a sound bath?

A Sound Bath is when you experience meditative noise that is believed to improve your emotional wellness.

Through use of gongs, chimes, singing bowls, drums- and even the human voice, you will meditate and become wholly immersed in the intuitive acoustics of sound.

Enjoy the remarkable, soothing effects of a Sound Bath as it helps correct and heal your energy. In just a short 15 minute session, peace and tranquility can be yours!