Magical Offerings


Wattle Tree Place 

Custom Rituals 

Do you need a tool to help you on your path? 

We guide you to intuitively create a tool tailored to your specific needs. You can expect to receive Reiki, a guided meditation, card reading and support on your journey.

One on One 


Group sessions 


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Intentional Candle Making

Sitting in sacred space, you will be guided through a process of intuitively choosing herbs and spices.

Creating your own blend to put in your candle. 

Once your blend has been created, you will experience a Guided Meditation to help you connect with your Higher self  feeling  the energy coming through you from Source.

Filling you with love and light as you clear out any blockages making space for the intention you want to put into your candle.

Bees Wax will be poured 

onto your  blend as your put your   intention into the sweet smelling concoction.


Black Salt Ritual 

 At WTP we facilitate a personal ritual for you to create  your own Black Salt.

Using  sacred ingredients  from a ritual fire.

You can expect to be guided through a meditation to help you feel your energy and get clarification about intention you want to put into your salt. 

 By using your intuition you will then choose herbs and spices and connect with their magical properties and how they make you feel.

Each ritual is guided by spirit for your needs.     

Black Salt is for Protection.

It can be used by sprinkling it on your doorways and window ledges to keep negative energy out of your house. You can use it during ritual to create a ring of protection, or sprinkle it behind an unwanted guest to make them leave. 


Mini Sessions 

15 mins $20

session availability depends on who's in the shop 

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