Guided Meditation

7 pm every Monday  •  11 am every Saturday

$10 per session 

Monday Meditation

with Cole 


Come sit with Cole for a guided meditation to explore our primary state of awareness before thought and emotion.  During this meditation we will be investigating what it's like to get a feel for our essential nature so that we can tap into it and ground ourselves in everyday life.


This form of meditation focuses on body awareness/sensations, as well as self inquiry into who we truly are at our core.  There will be some dialogue before and after the meditation to discuss everyones experience and elaborate on any questions that may arise. 

Saturday Meditation

with Arlene 


Each Saturday at 11am join Arlene Arnold for a meditation using visualization, color, and breath to balance and unwind. Learn more from a brief ColorCard Reading. Just $10

Stay for lunch and a chat.

Arlene is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as creator of Complementary Color therapy. Learn more about Arlene at