Intentional Candlemaking


Intentional candle making is a wonderful way to channel your energy into something positive.

Each candle that you create can be used throughout your day to give yourself motivation, inspiration, or find connection. The magic of each candle is created when you infuse your intentions into it. 


At WTP we create hand-dipped magical wicks.  Each participant will choose a wick to use in their candle. 


When you pour your own magical candle, you will learn how to put intention into your creation. Each participant will create their own Sigil (or power symbol) to engrave into their spell candle. 


During a guided meditation session you will receive guidance about what else to use in your candle including crystals & a range of herbs.

Private 2-Hour Group Session

8 Guests |  $315 ($39 Per Person)

What Is Intentional Candlemaking?

Intentional Candle Making is the act of creating candles with specific goals (intention) in mind.


Perhaps you make a candle to light in celebration- or when you want to enhance your focus for a specific project. Perhaps you wish to make a candle that helps motivate you to light it when practicing meditation. All of this can be achieved when one learns intentional candle making.

Intentional Candlemaking In Vancouver WA



Experience Intentional Candle Making at Wattle Tree Place, where you will be able to learn the craft of candlemaking, and experience the peace and tranquility of creating something personal.

We'll guide and mentor you on how to create and best implement your candle into your routine, and we know that after you've experienced the transformative benefits of Intentional Candlemaking, you'll be back time and time again to expand your perspective and your collection.

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