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Gain greater insight into your personal journey through an intuitive reading. 


The cards will always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Readings aren’t about seeing the past or future, but rather being open to messages of guidance from the spirit realm.


All of our readers at WTP are gifted Intuitives, they will always be guided to use the right deck of cards for each individual client.

15-Minute Session | $20

30-Minute Session | $35

What Is Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive Reading is when a skilled, professional empath conducts a session, during which, they read your energy.


Intuitive Readings aren't about looking into the past or future, but into the inner workings of your spirit.


They're about getting in touch with you on an emotional level and reading your unique energy. Intuitive Readings can be performed by healers, psychics, shamans, and others who are trained to harness their empathic skills.

Be aware, Intuitive Readings are not always fun. A reading can channel into aspects of your life, and your spirit, that require healing.


Healing can require channeling emotions and trauma that you may otherwise want to avoid. But to heal you must confront them.

Intuitive Reading In Vancouver WA

Wattle Tree Place is the premier Intuitive Reading practitioner in Vancouver, WA. Our spiritual healers are experienced in reading and touching upon your energy, and how it can be engaged with and healed.

Sessions are personalized, and you will be given a private and safe place where our trained empaths can provide you with guidance.

Please note: do not consume any alcoholic drinks prior to attending an Intuitive Reading session, as this can have negative results. 


Speak with one of our healers today to learn more about Intuitive Reading at Wattle Tree Place.

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