Black Salt Rituals



Want to cleanse and protect a space from harm brought about by negative energies?

Then come join us at Wattle Tree Place where we will guide you through the sacred and spiritual process of creating your own purifying Black Salt.

Here at WTP, we will facilitate a personalized ritual just for you and your unique energy, During this ritual, you will create your own Black Salt with sacred ingredients harvested from a fire that has been lit to empower the ritual.

We will help you attune to your own energy, and find clarity about the intentions you wish to imbue into your Black Salt through the sacred art of meditation.

Once you have gotten in touch with your higher self, your intuition will guide you in choosing herbs and spices. You will connect with their magical properties, and what emotions and feelings are triggered by the ingredients of your Black Salt.

Black Salt Rituals are entirely unique to each individual, as they are wholly guided by your spirit, and it's specific needs. 

What Is A Black Salt Ritual?

Black Salt is used as a means of protection. The most common way that Black Salt is used, is by sprinkling it on your doorways and window ledges as a means of keeping negative energy out of an important space- such as a home or business. 


Black Salt can also be used to create a circle of protection during rituals.


One other very awesome application for Black Salt is to sprinkle it behind an unwanted guest- compelling them to leave. 

Black Salt Rituals In Vancouver WA

Learn the safest and most effective ways of implementing Black Salt into your life. Wattle Tree Place will mentor you as you learn to properly create and use Black Salt to protect yourself and the places you wish to have positive energy.

With meditation, focus, and intention, Wattle Tree Place is the perfect space to learn this sacred, and magical art.

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