Experience the beneficial properties of hand-crafted potions created here at Wattle Tree Place. Created by our well-versed potion-makers, powerful potions are meant to enhance the efficacy of spells and emotional wellness.

Each elixir is and embued with symbolic ingredients to enhance their strength and beneficial properties.

What Is A Potion?

Potions, also referred to as balms, elixirs, infusions- and brews, are liquids created and imbued with magical intention.

They have been used since ancient times, and each potion has it's own purpose and is used to enhance other rituals of wellness when done by an experienced potion maker. 

They gain power through the rituals used during their creation, and the ingredients brewed into them. You will also enlist the help of the elements, calling upon each of them to help in the creation of a potion.

Potions are powerful magic, and must always be used responsibly.

Potions In Vancouver WA

Beautiful Vancouver, WA is a wonderful place to enjoy the sacred rite of potion brewing. Deeply connect with the elements, nature, and the spiritual power of this magical land with Wattle Tree Place.

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