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$60.00-$100.00, Sliding Scale

$20.00, 15 Minutes

$35.00, 30 Minutes


Wattle Tree Hours:


Thursdays and Fridays, 12:00pm-3:00pm, by Appt. only


Thursdays and Fridays, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Walk-ins!

15 and 30 Minutes mini-sessions


Other times available by request. Please send an e-mail to natalearth@gmail.com to find out more! 

Drake Carnahan

Natal Earth, Energy Healer

A session with Drake is a unique and magical journey, always tailored to the individual and what they are currently needing! Whatever you are experiencing, you will greatly benefit from a session with her. There is always wonderful work to be had!


She primarily uses a technique referred to as soul journeying. Through this process she teaches you how to enter into your subconscious realms where personal patterning can be explored and rewired, creating a greater capacity for coming into a deeper wholeness of self! Drake also uses sound, energy and oracle card readings, along with spontaneous channeling, to deepen the experience, which makes each session a valuable and special meeting.


Sessions teach you how to ground, align with your higher self, identify blocks and teach you the tools to dissolve them. As we heal, we come into new gifts of sight and knowing; Drake can help you to make sense of these gifts and teach you how to use them. When it comes down to it, you’re your own greatest healer, and Drake can help you identify your own insights as you make the journey into further embodiment and wholeness.


Mentorship opportunities available for youth and adults! Sessions typically last 1.5 hours. Please refer to her website, www.natalearth.com for testimonials, more information on sessions and resources for healing self and the planet.  


As a Wholistic Educator, Drake’s purpose on this planet is to help humanity make the transition into the magical and sustainable world associated with the dimensional shift our planet is currently experiencing. Each of us carries divine blue prints, and with this knowledge we can uncover the secrets of our soul path from the particular challenges we’ve been given to work through and transform!


Drake currently has her B.A. in Social Science, with a Minor in Civic Leadership, and is pursuing her M.S. in Leadership for Sustainability Education at Portland State University. She is an event planner, retreat organizer, ceremony facilitator, soul coach, wholistic educator, Master Reiki practitioner, channeler, Ordained Minister, certified permaculturalist and writer.